10 ways to lose 4-5 kg ​​this winter

Many people worry about gaining weight in the winter – we’re less active when it’s colder and we tend to eat warm food and be full.

But do not be afraid! we are in healthy mummy be until far away Proud to have helped mothers Lose more than 3 million kg!

Check out Cicily’s results below too who started to lose 5kg and then lost 56kg with us!! (Read her story here)

People also drop if they only lose 500g – but that’s HEAPS – Check out the picture below for what 500g actually looks like (And if you don’t lose weight, get advice here on what might happen)

500 grams

and with 10 years experience To help moms lose weight and stay healthy, we’re so sure we can help you too.

One of the important factors in losing weight is preparation goals and readiness.

Today we wanted to be very specific and give you a tight time frame for how to do that. Lose 4-5 kg ​​this winter.

So how do you do this? We’ll tell you how…

10 ways to lose 5 kg this winter

1. Control your part control

panel part

Portion control is one of the most important factors in losing and maintaining weight and gaining weight, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Australian Dietary Guidelines She recommends that you eat from a variety of different food groups to get a range of vitamins and nutrients to support your health.

2. Move more

For some people, a daily walk and some weekly strength training is enough to see great results.

For others, you may need a little more sweating to see the benefit. Try alternating between walking and running or light jogging. Increase your strength training as this helps build muscle which means you will burn more calories even from your daily movements.

Do you need a little more structure? Then 28 day weight loss challenge It has daily exercise plans and videos to slip through – all on our convenient app.

Note: You can have it 3 months in a 28 day challenge for $29.99 (that’s 90% off!!)

3. Eliminate processed foods

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Stay away from processed foods and things like white bread, rice, and pasta and eat whole grains and whole grains that are high in fiber and vitamins.

4. Include metabolism-boosting foods in your diet

food promotion

Get your insides to do all the work. Kick up your metabolism and you’ll burn the same calories. Read our top picks for Increase food metabolism Here.

5. Get support

community mothers

Try chatting with a friend or another mom who has lost weight. Pick their minds and see if they have any idea for you of anything you’re missing out on or not doing. jump on healthy mummy group on facebook And be inspired by the moms, tips and stories on the page.

6. Prepare meals

Meal preparation 1

If you are looking for a more organized plan to follow, give it a try 28 day weight loss challenge (It is suitable for nursing but also suitable for all mothers whether you are breastfeeding or not.) Helps you prepare and encourages meal preparation – Meal preparation equals healthy eating.

The Challenge offers you over 3,000 recipes, customizable meal plans, and over 350 exercises designed for working moms.

Here 7 great tips to get more organized while preparing meals.

7. Stay focused


All we can do day in and day out. Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week. So if you have a slip, dust yourself off and remember that tomorrow is another day closer to your goal!

8. Increase protein and fiber

Ten high-protein snacks during pregnancy

Make sure you are getting enough protein in your meals and snacks. This helps you feel fuller for longer and stimulates your metabolism. Think nuts, LSA, hard-boiled eggs, boiled chicken, natural peanut butter, tofu.

it’s over 3000 protein High-fiber, family-friendly recipes on our website 28 day weight loss challenge.

Another quick way to increase your protein is through Bliss protein balls recipe with almonds and dates.

9. Avoid sugar

Close-up of sugar granules in spoon and sugar heap on wooden
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Reducing your intake of added sugar is one of the quickest ways to lose belly fat, reduce calories, increase energy, improve your complexion, and lose extra pounds. Sugar is hidden everywhere. Here Ten simple food swaps to help reduce your sugar intake.

10. Get 3 months for $19.99 in a 28 day challenge

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Our challenge involves:

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  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels.
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