10 Proven Ways to Beat Hunger and Reduce Appetite

If you’re trying to lose weight and are worried about feeling hungry all the time, there are definitely things you can do to avoid the constant hunger pangs and feelings of deprivation. While you generally need to reduce your calorie intake in order to lose weight, this should not mean that you are restricting your calories to the point where you are constantly hungry and thinking about food.

Short-term diets and strict diets that can lead to rapid weight loss do not work. If there is anything that can lead to an increase in appetite, it is extreme hunger followed by weight gain.

At The Healthy Mummy, we believe in losing weight sustainably without depriving yourself and being hungry. 28 day weight loss challenge It’s not just about consuming fewer calories and cutting out food groups. It is a weight loss plan that includes healthy eating and exercise and sets a realistic weight loss goal of around 4-6 kilograms per month which is achievable and sustainable.

To help, we’ve also compiled a list of 10 proven ways to reduce excessive hunger and appetite.

10 Proven Ways to Reduce Hunger and Appetite

1- Eat a lot of protein

Ten high-protein snacks during pregnancy

High in protein Foods will help you feel fuller for longer because they stay in the stomach longer compared to carbohydrates. Protein also gets your metabolism burning which is great for weight loss. It will keep hunger pangs at bay and prevent unnecessary snacking as well as enabling us to build lean muscle. Getting more protein in your diet increases the release of the fullness hormone, which in turn reduces appetite, making you feel fuller for longer.

Make sure you are getting enough protein in your meals and snacks such as Nuts, salmon, lean meats (such as chicken and turkey), tofu, eggs, yogurt, tuna, and some types of cheese.

adding good protein powder Juicing is another great way to ensure you’re getting a good dose of high-quality protein.

Check out these recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – 4 protein-packed dinners using just 5 main ingredients.

2. Up Your Fiber

Fiber helps prevent weight gain, by reducing appetite and helping to normalize bowel movements, foods rich in fiber absorb more water, which helps you feel full. There is some evidence that the weight loss effects of fiber specifically target belly fat. The best high-fiber foods to eat include: chickpeas, apples, oats, green beans, sweet potatoes, and fresh berries.

Try the high-fiber vegetable curry


Lots of people like to start their day with coffee and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are a number of health benefits of coffee, one of which can be beneficial if you are watching your weight. Coffee may help reduce hunger and the desire to eat for a short time.

There are chlorogenic acids in coffee and the same antioxidant dietary phenols found in apples, sunflowers and pineapples – all foods that reduce appetite, too.

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which suppresses the appetite for a short time, but interestingly, decaffeinated coffee can lead to an even greater decrease in hunger.

Try this delicious Rich and nutritious coffee and a slice of dates From the 28 day weight loss challenge.

4. Water, water, water…

Sometimes when we think we’re feeling hunger pangs, only your body alerts you that you need water.

drinking water It helps regularly, suppresses appetite, boosts your metabolism, and also cleanses your body of waste products and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

When you regularly drink a water bottle, it prevents you from retaining water, which can help you reduce bloating.

15 simple ways to increase your water intake

5. Dark ChocolateClose-up of a stack of dark chocolate

There is a fatty acid in dark chocolate that researchers believe can slow digestion and increase feelings of fullness. Also, the bitterness in dark chocolate is believed to help reduce appetite and reduce sugar cravings.

According to neuroscientist and author Will Clore, melting a small square of dark chocolate on your tongue for about 20 minutes before eating can trigger hormones that give you a “I’m full” note.

Check out our amazing dark chocolate protein balls, Click here for the recipe.

6. Eat more ginger

There are many health benefits associated with ginger including reducing inflammation, nausea, and muscle pain. It also contains a digestive enzyme called zingibain, which helps the body break down protein. It is also believed to reduce hunger pangs.

Ginger also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and works to get rid of bloating. Having ginger tea before, during or after a meal will help your body stimulate saliva, bile and stomach juices that aid digestion.

Here is our delicious recipe for Chicken frying pan with honey, lemon and ginger.

7. Season

If you like spicy food with chili, here’s some good news! A study looked at the effects of capsaicin in hot peppers and found that it may help reduce hunger while increasing feelings of fullness.

Capsaicin also reduces gas and bloating because it increases the flow of digestive enzymes through the intestines.

Try this recipe for Hot stuffed pepper.

8. X . control

Have you tried Control X? It’s a delicious drink designed to keep you full for longer! It was so popular among moms that it put them in control of how much they ate by making them feel fuller for longer.

Reduce hunger pangs and bloating to control your portion. It will change the way you reach your goals! All you have to do is mix the sachet with 200ml of water and enjoy 30 minutes before the meal. It’s that easy!

Find out what moms have to say about it here!

9. WorkoutExercise on a budget

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce levels of the hunger hormone as well as increase feelings of fullness. And the best thing about this is that you don’t have to leave the house! And you definitely don’t need an expensive gym membership!

There are a lot of exercises that you can do at home, you just need to get into the habit and make it a part of your routine. You can use many exercise routines from our site 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App.

Every little part matters. Keep as active as you can every day so your heart gets pumped and releases your energy, so help reduce stomach fat.

For a full body workout – see this Easy Home HIIT Workout to Shred 510 Calories

10. SleepI can't sleep, I won't sleep

If you do not get enough sleep, your appetite and hunger can increase significantly. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to eat sugary snacks to try and give you an energy boost, which in turn can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

It has been shown that people who get a good night’s sleep (7 hours or more) are less likely to be bulkier around mediums.

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